Summer Animation Project 2017 – 5th Annual

July 6-14, 2017

The Project: Creating a short animatic of “The Parable of the Prodigal Son” designed to be used as part of a larger animation project meant for Arabic speaking audiences.

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Cost: $450 (includes housing, meals, and software costs)

Applications due April 15th, 2017


In Partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators

2016 – 45 second “Parable of the House on the Rock” 3D – 4th Annual2016 houses

2015 – 90 second Teaser for “Patience of Job” film 2D/3D combined – 3rd Annual2015 Job3

2014 – Enhanced Animatic for “Patience of Job” film 2D/3D combined – 2nd Annual2014 flyin

2013 – Animatic for “Patience of Job” film 2D   – 1st Annual2013 nebi ayoub prayer1